Ardèche wine is renowned throughout France for its excellence, so much so that it has been awarded the highly regulated “vin de pays” label. If you’re planning a trip to Ruoms and the La Grand’Terre campsite, a wine tasting at the Néovinum oenological center will be a great way to discover the Ardèche in a whole new way!

Néovinum Take part in a tasting of the Ardèche’s finest wines

You’ll be taken to the tasting room, where you’ll be served excellent wines from a variety of grape varieties.

But if you’re not yet a wine connoisseur, don’t worry: before letting you taste the best Ardèche wines, the Neovinum guide will first introduce you to wine tasting. As well as being a wonderful epicurean experience, this visit will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about Ardèche wine, and deepen your knowledge of oenology!