“Of rock and sun” has been its motto since medieval times. Situated on the banks of the river La Beaume, Labeaume has been awarded the title of “village de caractère” (village of character), and is a fascinating place to explore the Beaume Gorges, its traditional architecture and its many historical relics.

Labeaume, just ten minutesfrom La Grand’Terre campsite in Ruoms

If you’re a fan of villages with character, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the southern Ardèche, and Labeaume is sure to please. What’s more, the village is only 10 kilometers from our 4-star campsite with heated swimming pool and direct access to the river Ardèche via a private beach. This will be an excellent opportunity to spend some time with us before heading off to the village of Labeaume!

If you’re a history buff
you’ll love the village of Labeaume

If the landscape around Labeaume is particularly enchanting, so is the village itself. Indeed, in addition to the traditional stone houses that make up the charm of Ardèche villages, Labeaume has preserved a part of its history with its street furniture. It’s not uncommon to come across oil mills dating back over a century!

the Beaume Gorges

The village of Labeaume is built on the Plateau des Gras, close to the Gorges de la Beaume, a section of the La Beaume or Baume river running through the plateau. Numerous dolmens, these prehistoric sculptures, can be seen around the Gorges de La Beaume. Extremely rich in flora and fauna, the area has been listed as a ZNIEFF for the natural heritage it represents.